All new 2018 E-Pace crossover

All new 2018 E-Pace crossover

Regardless of which one you go and see, make sure to take a close look at the windscreen on the drivers side from the outside when you do. You’ll spot an etched picture of a jaguar with a cub running behind. This is a fun nod to the E-Pace’s codename, Cub, used during its development. It even shows up in the puddle lighting when you open the door.

The Land Rover derived platform has resulted in the transversely mounted engines, The E-Pace will be the first Jaguar to be manufactured outside of the UK, instead being built by Magna-Steyr in Austria due to the British facilities being at capacity. Jaguar will also build the E Pace in China when the model goes on sale there.

Everyone within Jaguar seems to be buzzing at the launch of the E-Pace. “We carried out lots of customer research panels during development,” revealed McFall. “These are intense events, four hours long. Normally, people can’t wait to leave by the end: with the E-Pace, even after we’d finished, they still wanted to go back and check it out some more. That’s when we became sure we had something special on our hands.”

n the US, the 2018 E-PACE will kick off at $38,600 for the 246 HP model. The E-PACE S will be $41,500, while the E-PACE SE will be $44,300. If you want the 296 HP engine, that’ll be $47,250 for the E-PACE R-Dynamic S, $50,050 for the R-Dynamic SE, and $53,100 for the R-Dynamic HSE. Finally, the E-PACE First Edition will be $53,550. Sales will kick off from the start of 2018.

All new 2018 E-Pace crossover

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