New 2017 Citroen C3 revealed

New 2017 Citroen C3 revealed

But, while the Cactus’s bubbles are designed ostensibly to protect from errant shopping carts, the lower positioning and thinner design of these bubble strips mean they’re unlikely to stop much more than a pedal scrape from a passing cyclist.

To that end, the C3’s bumps look to be more of an affectation than a particularly functional guard – but one that could work well enough as a trendy attention-getting feature.

The door cards and luggage strap handles have been carried over from the larger car, but there’s a traditional set of gauges rather than the C4’s digital unit. It feels superbly solid and durable, with tough plastics used in high-wear areas and an expensive-sounding clunk when you slam the door.

Helping you settle in is something called the Citroen Advanced Comfort programme, which guides the design and materials used inside the C3. Most noticeable in this respect is the work that has gone into the front seats. They manage to be both squashy and supportive, with plenty of adjustment.

There are three main trim levels, the third of which offers two tone paint, side ‘Airbumps’ and 36 paint combinations.

Engines are the familiar well-proven 1.2 litre 3 cylinder PureTechs with 68, 82 or 110HP Diesels are 1.6HDIs with 75 or 100HP. And the optional automatic is the 6-speed compact torque converter EAT6.

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