MWC-4 and Motobot2 concepts

MWC-4 and Motobot2 concepts

But what is it, then ?! A robot motorcycle? In any case, the name is well found: Motoroid, it rhymes with bizarre! Yamaha writes it with a normal “i”, however in French, we find it more understandable to write it with a “ï”.

The machine is electric of course, and proudly unveils its 3 giant batteries (unless there are 6 in all, 3 on each side?). Would the oscillating monobras designed in the extension of the frame and accommodating a mono-shock absorber in the lower position hide the engine? How would the front suspension work? How would a potential pilot ride on it? So many prosaic questions that do not really exist because it is a concept!

The Hamamatsu firm is more talkative about the concepts of two wheels or other accessories that relate to it. In the aisles of the Tokyo show you can admire the MOTOROiD, MOTOBOT Ver. 2, MWC-4 and YPJ-XC. The last named is an electrically powered ATV derived from the YPJ-MTB concept previewed 2 years ago also in Tokyo. It is driven by the recent PW-X motorization.

MOTOROiD seeks to improve interactions with the biker through advanced artificial intelligence, while MOTOBOT Ver. 2 is a robot in its latest evolution capable of driving a motorcycle itself. It may according to Yamaha drive a motorcycle as well as a real driver of Moto GP. Finally, MWC-4, a kind of motorcycle with 4 wheels. A solution close to that offered by a Renault Twizzy, a vehicle with the template contained for urban trips.

MWC-4 and Motobot2 concepts

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