Mitsubishi XM Concept

Mitsubishi XM Concept

The only thing we know for sure is that this concept will come in series. Mitsubishi has even announced the start of production in October 2017 in its new plant in Indonesia. This model should not be marketed in Europe.

Mitsubishi XM is a concept car that foreshadows the arrival of a large SUV 7 seats from the manufacturer. This model will be launched in autumn 2017 in the Indonesian market.

XM rises from the ashes … but Mitsubishi! It takes the form of a large SUV with 7 seats that stands out for its dynamic style.

Unveiled as a concept car at the upcoming Jakarta (11 to 22 August 2016), the Mitsubishi XM concept is still very mysterious. The manufacturer has unveiled no pictures of the interior and did not specify the type of engine (hybrid or electric).

Mitsubishi XM Concept

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