Mini’s first hybrid


Besides center of gravity, the big focus here is aero; extensive wind tunnel testing begat a sleeker undertray and integrated roof scoop, making the Mini much better through the air, with a 114-mph top speed. An exotic new Akrapovič exhaust system is just the cherry on top.

There’s also a panorama sunroof, keyless entry, laser headlights, and fog lights. Mini said that 25 per cent of all Minis sold are Countrymans, so it makes sense that the company would take a stab at EVs with it.

Interestingly, though, at least until the inevitable JCW edition arrives, the S E hybrid is the hot setup, its three-cylinder gas engine working in tandem with a powerful electric motor to produce a combined peak output of 221 horsepower, with the e-rear axle enabling all-wheel-drive traction.

Mini, a brand owned by BMW that operates independently, would benefit from bigger sales from the new Countryman. Mini’s U.S. sales have dropped 12.6% to 42,865 so far this year. Sales of the outgoing Countryman have dropped 17% to 10,986 million.


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