MINI’s Electric Concept still looks like a MINI

MINI’s Electric Concept still looks like a MINI

An eye-catching E badge above the front wheel is another defining feature to highlight the electric power source.

The rear light assemblies each form one half of the Union Jack as an LED dot matrix

The famous marque, which is to be made at the Cowley, Oxford plant, is expected to go into mass production from early 2019.

The company has looked to advanced aerodynamics and exotic materials to offset any extra weight added by the batteries and to optimise the way the car carves a path through the air.

“Aerodynamics and lightweight design aren’t just important in the world of motor sport; they are also essential factors for maximizing electric range,” van Hooydonk said.

But away from the clinical engineering , the design team has also found time for some fun with the concept. Even though the car is clearly a Mini, it is also clearly striking with some brave uses of contrasting colors, a re-imagined nose complete with new grille and front apron. As a finishing touch, at the rear the tail lamp design has been inspired by the Union Jack flag.

MINI’s Electric Concept still looks like a MINI

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