Mini releases a Convertible

Mini releases a Convertible

MINI quotes a 0-100 km/h sprint time of 6.6 seconds for the manual transmission, or a slightly more spritely 6.5 seconds for the automatic, while fuel consumption is rated at 6.5 l/100km for the manual and 5.9 l/100km for the auto.

The new model offers a 15kW and 60Nm bump in power and torque over the outgoing JCW Convertible, trimming acceleration times by 0.3 seconds.

Peak torque arrives from a low 1250rpm all the way to 4800rpm, with peak power available at 5200rpm.

If you’re after cutesy touches and flowery design, the regular Convertible offers all those things up in spades. You can even have one with the JCW bodykit, making it look like a little convertible hot rod without paying the extra premium for more power.

However, the point of a John Cooper Works edition has, traditionally, been driving purity and excitement, but if you’re after these things the hatch is the car to have, because it’s lighter and stiffer than the Convertible. It seems like the Mini JCW Convertible is lost somewhere between trying to be a cute alternative for “fresh air enthusiasts” and people craving “authentic racing feel.”

Pricing details haven’t been released, but expect to pay a healthy premium over a regular Convertible, which starts from £18,475 (about US$25,700).

Mini releases a Convertible 1

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