Mini electric car coming in 2019

Mini electric car coming in 2019

The BMW Group used the feedback for the i3 launched in 2014. But with electric cars increasing in popularity, helped along by the hype surrounding the Tesla Model 3, it’s now Mini’s turn to launch an electric car.

The hexagonal front grille is closed in order to enhance the car’s aerodynamic properties, while the paint finish in Reflection Silver and Interchange Yellow is reminiscent of the MINI E from 2008.

The push to produce affordable green energy vehicles has accelerated on the back of calls by both the UK and France to ban new diesel and petrol cars in the near future.

While the BMW Group’s i brand has marked carbon-fibre as its territory, most of the Mini Electric Concept’s body flair comes from old-school fibreglass, including the aero parts running along the side sills.

Riding on 19-inch wheels, the Electric Concept used 3D printing for the grille and the fake air intakes, which van Hooydonk believes could open up a new market for customisation.

Mini electric car coming in 2019

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