Mini Countryman S E All4

Mini Countryman S E All4

MINI Countryman, the new crossover, is the perfect vehicle for your trips with family or friends. Larger and more efficient, this family car will stop at nothing. Do not be afraid to venture out of the eternal bitumen: it is equipped with bumpers and rockers designed to get out of the way. No bends or slippery slopes will affect the stability of the ALL4 AWD. Overlook your new exploration field with an elevated driving position.

Travel in the city or in the countryside without sacrificing cabin space. The storage compartment of the MINI Countryman has a maximum capacity of 1,390L, and the modular rear seat will easily accommodate three adults.

On the country roads, the Countryman S E All4 will give you nice performance and a typical three-cylinder sound with the punch you need … as long as the battery is not empty. Otherwise, we will not have to expect much from the small 1.5 l which will however do its best to ensure safe evolution.

The Mini Countryman S E All4 was the perfect urban mini? Compact, plugged – in every sense of the word – and practical, it combines the look and image typical of the brand with good performance and a real and welcome use economy. But beware, if you are used to long journeys or looking for a sports SUV, go your way and see the side of the Cooper S!

Mini Countryman S E All4

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