Mini Cooper Seven arrives in Brazil for R $ 149,950

Mini Cooper Seven arrives in Brazil for R $ 149,950

The price of the new Mini Seven includes a special painting christened with an unconventional name: Yours Blue Lapisluxury. In addition to this blue hue, the model can be purchased in white, black and green. And regardless of the chosen color, the rearview mirror covers and the ceiling are always painted gray. Other innovations include the 17-inch alloy wheels and the number “7”, emblem seen on the bodywork and door sills.

Other highlights include 17-inch alloy wheels with unique bicolor paint and paint, gray painted rear view mirrors and logo number 7 on front wing arrow repeaters. Inside, there are sport seats in Diamond Malt Brown fabric and leather, plus panel with details in Black Piano and Malt Brown.

Available only with three-door body, the Cooper Seven can be white, black, green or the unique blue tone named Lapisluxury, featured in the version. The arrow side repeaters receive the number 7 (which can also be found on the door sills), while the 17-inch wheels have different design compared to the other versions and the rear view mirrors are always gray.

Among the equipment, the model has full led headlights with automatic ignition, rain sensor, electric steering, multimedia center and steering mode selector (normal, sporty and economical). The engine is always the 2.0 turbo of 192 hp accompanied by the automatic gearbox of six gears.

Mini Cooper Seven arrives in Brazil for R $ 149,950 1

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