Mini Cooper SD Clubman All4 (2016)

Mini Cooper SD Clubman All4 (2016)

The answer is simple: The previous generation of Clubman not shared its base with the 4×4 Countryman. but this is now the case. If next year Countryman number two is launched, this and the Clubman based on the methodology developed by BMW UKL2 platform as the way lies under the 2er Active Tourer.

So the bearish two-liter four-cylinder comes with 190 hp to the full. The machine runs dull-sonorous, not too dieselig, but always audible and pushes felt already from just over 1500 cycles with a powerful Swipe to. Deadline is only at 222 km / h. No question, the drive acts sanded. But never boring. The Clubman is namely as Allradler a typical mini. Sprint is fun, snappy turn anyway, the steering is as with all brothers of the group – not particularly sensitive, but not too light, and immediacy.

Also in pricing the all-wheel-Clubman is very mini. The manual transmission Mini All4 Cooper S Clubman starts at 29,500 euros. However, Best Buy is the 190 hp diesel variant included eight-speed automatic, which will cost at least 33,500 euros. As you can live wheel feelings in completely different vehicle categories added already.

Who does not like the shooting brake design of the Clubman, need to be patient for half a year. Then comes with largely identical technology of the new Countryman as a true crossover with more ground clearance.

Mini Clubman SD All4 in the test

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