Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4

Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 1

Mini introduced its first rechargeable hybrid model: the Cooper S E Countryman ALL4. It is able to drive up to 42 km in electric mode before allowing the 3-cylinder to take over.

Porsche Cayenne (41 units registered in prefectures last month, compared with 44 in April 2016), will have 8 additional hybrid rechargeable cars that will have been registered at least 10 in April 2017; Volkswagen Passat GTE (33/25); Audi A3 e-tron (26/62); Audi Q7 e-tron (22, new 2016); BMW 330e (15/20); BMW 530e iPerformance (14, novelty 2017); Mercedes C-Class (10/28); Mitsubishi Outlander (10/29).

The Mini Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 is a rechargeable hybrid, whose charge time varies from 2 hours 30 to 3 hours 15, depending on whether or not a Box is used. A great feat that will allow to regularly enjoy the 100% electric mode.

According to Mini, the autonomy in 100% electric mode could reach 40 km (theoretical), while the mixed consumption is set at 2.1 liters per 100 km (49 grams of CO2).

Mini Cooper S D Countryman ALL4 electriser

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