A Mid-Engine Aston Martin Supercar

A Mid-Engine Aston Martin Supercar

That’s because the Valkyrie will kick off a push to place Aston Martin front and center of the premium luxury and sports car segment by taking its rightful place on the flagship throne. There it could begin and head a new range of Aston Martin supercars that will be based off of the Valkyrie’s DNA. “Valkyrie is the start of a mid-engine dynasty, if you want to call it that,” said Palmer.

Colliding requirements and colliding perspectives. “I actually love the tension,” he continued, “because we’re breaking dimensions in all directions. The biggest difficulty is getting that performance in a car that’s road legal. Obviously, sight lines, mirrors, number plates, etc. they all need to comply because it’s an Aston.”

Asked if that left room for the Valhalla name to be used on a car in the future, Reichman said: “We have a bunch more V names that we’ve thought of and haven’t used.

The Valkyrie joins the British carmaker’s other lineup of hypercars with “V” names, like the Vulcan, Virage, and Vanquish. “V has been very much a part of our history for 50 years,” Marek Reichman, chief creative officer for Aston Martin, told The Verge’s Jordan Golson. “We spent a lot of time thinking about it and Valkyrie is something — you can’t get any better than that.”

A Mid-Engine Aston Martin Supercar

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