Mercedes Maybach attacks the G-Class 650

Mercedes Maybach attacks the G-Class 650

Technically, Mercedes-Maybach oblige – and especially Class G obligates – the car has a ground clearance of 45 centimeters in order to get rid of the harshest obstacles. And in which case it would encounter difficulties, you can always lock the differential and snap the short box to benefit from the 1000 Nm of torque available via a 6-liter V12 engine bi-turbo developing the trifle of 630 horsepower.

For the uninitiated, Maybach is the luxury brand of Mercedes that was integrated two years ago into the manufacturer’s family, adding the acronym Maybach to the place of “Benz” In the designation of the models, as in the case of the Mercedes-Maybach S 650. In the case of the G 650, not only is it presented in the Maybach sauce, it is also called the Landaulet, which makes it An even more particular model with its rear convertible section.

The deceased will always be able to postpone their love of extraordinary bodies, or their thirst for speculation. Koenigsegg, Pagani, Spyker, Rimac, Zenvo, Bugatti … the “hypercars”, models more exclusive than the others, never miss Geneva’s rendezvous. Ferrari, which revealed this year the 812 Superfast, 800 hp, the most powerful 12-cylinder berlinet in the history of the prancing horse. Estimated price: € 300,000, “only”. Unless you prefer the McLaren 720 S. It is even cheaper.

Breathtaking lines. State-of-the-art technologies. An avalanche of horses and a debauchery of carbon or chrome, which does not always avoid the lack of taste. The Swiss show is, by tradition, the showcase of what is created more baroque, more sharp, more disproportionate in the world of automobile exclusivity. An overview of photos of these dream machines, which haunt the most fortunate nights.

Mercedes Maybach attacks the G-Class 650

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