Mercedes GLC Coupe BMW X4 rival

Mercedes GLC Coupe BMW X4 rival

This is not a car but a steel monster on wheels, a sort of dragon that spits fire every time you press the accelerator. This dragon is the 63S AMG Mercedes engine available on the high end, which this GLE Coupe, corny kind of big on big paws, released last summer to compete with the BMW X6, became a bestseller.

This new Mercedes resumes course the technical structure of the GLC, launched last year (and based himself on a platform Class C), but extends his body (8 cm or 4.73 m in total) and lowers its flag to 4 cm (the roof edge by 1.60 m high), to give a coupe silhouette. On board, the dashboard is that of the classic GLC, but the “cut” loses some trunk (from 491 to 1205 liters, against 550 / 1,600 liters for conventional GLC).

Like its predecessor, the GLC Coupe benefit from 4 modes and reduced CO2 emissions (from 59-64 g / km depending on the version). Aimed mainly at American and Chinese market, the plug-in hybrid variant of the sports SUV will however be content with a boot space behind (491 liters rear seat folded vs 550 liters on conventional GLC).

Sharing its platform with the C-Class which it also shares the Plug-in group, the coupe boasts a sporty SUV with its running gear strengthened.4.73 m long, the Mercedes GLC Coupe is an avowed rival of the BMW X4. Announced for autumn 2016, Mercedes GLC Coupe will be offered in a wide range of engines. Buyers will have the choice between the 220d and 250d, 250 gasoline and also the GLC 43 AMG 367 hp strong. But Mercedes did not stop there with a rechargeable hybrid version GLC 350th whose total capacity is around 320 hp.

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