The Mercedes G 350

The Mercedes G 350

Under the hood, no surprise. The G-Class 350 of “Professional” keeps its diesel V6 3L 245 hp and 600 Nm of torque. Performance (top speed of 192 km / h) and consumption (9.9 L / 100, 261 g CO2 / km) remain unchanged.

However, regarding the options, it’s heavy: front bumper steel winch and towing cable, protective grilles for the bi-xenon headlights, roof rack, tinted rear windows, etc. In short, you will understand, be equipped as a professional by Mercedes, it has a price.

A year after its restyled G Class, the German manufacturer Mercedes unveils a new version: the 350 of “Professional”.

The timeless Mercedes G-Class is renewed again and again. And that lasts since 1979. A year after being restyled, the vehicle offers a new version, called 350 to “Professional” ( “Professional”). The program includes cosmetic changes inside and outside.

The new Mercedes G 350 d “Professional” will arrive in European dealerships in September 2016. The orders are open from June 1st. If the French tariffs remain unknown, Germany, the SUV will be sold from € 79,968.

Mercedes-Benz G 350 d Professional 1

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