Mercedes E-Class Wagon Heads to US

Mercedes E-Class Wagon Heads to US

Mercedes is updating the new E-class wagon to align with the all new E-class sedan, as noted by Road Show.

Of course, Mercedes will give Europe all kinds of powertrain options for the new E-wagon because the folks across the pond understand and appreciate the gift that is a luxury long roof. America will have to be happy with one motor and drive setup.

Like the E-Class sedan, the wagon variant benefits from all the new high-tech features including two optional high-resolution displays, each with a 12.3-inch screen. The automaker claims the model is one of the most quiet vehicles in its class, even though a wagon is at a disadvantage by design compared to a sedan due to the large resonating body. U.S. buyers can also opt for the Acoustic & Comfort package that adds a special acoustic film in the windscreen and side windows to ensure low levels of background noise in the vehicle interior. It also contains further sound-insulating measures like additional insulation in the rear footwell and on the center tunnel.

Inside, things are as well-designed and beautiful as in the regular E-Class. Leather, wood, and metal surfaces combine to create a damn fine place to commute. The interior color palette is restrained, with colors limited to browns, blacks, and tan leather. Mercedes’ cutting-edge tech is scattered around the cabin, including the optional 12.3-inch infotainment screen.

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