Mercedes Classe-G Professional

Mercedes Classe-G Professional

Less rich in chrome, but protections headlights, cargo roof rack, steel bumper with winch (optional), wooden floor for the trunk, plastic floor mats, with expected water flow in ground. Such is the G-Class Pro. Who does not just style.

It confirms technically, with three differentials in well development controls on the center front, all-terrain tires and ground clearance increased by 10 mm (245 mm). What advance angles of attack and departure of 30 ° to 36 ° to 39 °. This G may face 100% slopes, and cross fords 600 mm deep.

The Mercedes G-Class was beautiful to have become a fashion and luxury, it also remains one of the last “real” 4 × 4. Mercedes and proves it with this new version with G350d Professional.

This new Mercedes G350d Professional is a sort of homecoming for the G-Class that has not exactly been designed to play nice 4 × 4 gleaming in rich neighborhoods.

Mercedes Classe-G Professional

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