Mercedes Classe E All Terrain 4×4²

Mercedes Classe E All Terrain 4x4²

This one-off germinated in the imaginative spirit of Jurgen Eberle, when this star-brand engineer took delivery of his E-Class Class E model and found that this one, although equipped with a Transmission, did not possess by the character “passes everywhere” of which he dreamed.

The Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain “Carré” has a ground clearance of 420 mm compared to 160 mm at the origin. Funny detail: it is positioned higher than the G500 4×42 perched at 370 mm from the ground. The vehicle is signed by 20-inch wheels. The wheel arches have been revised for the occasion with redesigned wings.

The hood of the car houses the engine of the E400, a V6 of 333 hp and 480 Nm of torque. Note that this block is not available in the standard range of the E-Class All-Terrain.

There remains an outstanding question: will we ever see this model sowing terror on our roads? Surprising as it may seem, the hypothesis can not be ruled out. The enthusiasm generated by the project could indeed lead to small series production, although this is obviously to be confirmed!

Mercedes Classe E All Terrain 4x4²

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