Mercedes A-Class – Secret aired cockpit

Mercedes A-Class - Secret aired cockpit

Mercedes’ fountain of youth is the A-Class: the radical change of concept from generation two to three has given the Stuttgarters an average of 13 years younger customers. In the important Chinese market, the rate of under-30-year-old A-Class drivers is even around one-third. And not only that: The conquest rate of Baby-Benz is extremely high. 70 percent of customers who decided in favor of an A in 2016 did not have a Mercedes before. To ensure that this success continues, Mercedes has consistently developed the new A-Class further towards the future.

In order to be able to enjoy the new functions, the space becomes larger. The elbow room grows forward and back by about 3.5 centimeters, at the shoulders there are 22 millimeters more free space, and slightly more air above the head. In the trunk should be two more crates have more space. At the same time, the external dimensions remain virtually identical.

Mercedes has in the current A-Class with a poisonous green or the high-glossy blue brave on the color range used, the Stuttgart now hold back first. Who wants to have it colorful, must reach for red or yellow, next to it are currently only two black, two white and three silver tones to choose from.

Inside, with a wide range of leather, fabric and microfiber textiles, wood, aluminum and carbon-optic deco parts and colorful trim, the futuristic cockpit can be tailored to suit your own taste. Only those who have a penchant for analogue ads, is finally out.

Mercedes A-Class - Secret aired cockpit

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