Mercedes C Class Coupé 250 d Automatic

Mercedes Clase C Coupé 250 d Automatic 1

In any case, the driver can choose between different driving modes, from economy to Sport +, which plays with the engine response, suspension, automatic transmission and steering. In Eco or Comfort mode absolute comfort is achieved, since the suspensions are smoother and the change lengthens the relationships.

If you switch to sports modes, harden suspensions, improve the behavior, the car becomes more agile and the speed changes are shortened more to take advantage of the power.

The performance of the C Coupé can be described as magnificent, light construction with high percentage of aluminum makes the coupé lighter than its predecessor. The mudguards, the bonnet and the trunk lid, among others, are executed in light alloy. At the same time, the body is much more rigid and robust thanks to the use of high strength materials.

This has a positive impact not only on the dynamism of driving and on the acoustic level of the vehicle, but also on safety in case of impact. The suspensions with deformable parallelogram, front and rear, with their corresponding stabilizer bars, hold the car to perfection, while the electric steering with variable assistance, facilitate the agility of the C Coupé in the most upturned areas.

Mercedes Clase C Coupé 250 d Automatic 1

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