The Mercedes Benz X Class pickup

The Mercedes Benz X Class pickup

Late last year, Mercedes-Benz surprised the automotive world with the unveiling of the Concept X-class. The show car pointed to a new premium workhorse for a sales territory yet to be tapped by other luxury carmakers.

The X-Class’ car-like cabin bears little in common with the Navara, borrowing technology and styling themes from the Mercedes-Benz road car range. The German ute also features modern safety gear including autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning and lane keeping assistance systems in combination with a suite of seven airbags.

And so, the price. Mercedes has so far kept mum on Australian pricing, but an entry-level model will set you back 37,000 Euro in Germany (about $55k in Australian dollars). That said, executives point to top-tier HiLux ($56,390) and Ranger ($60,090) models as a guide on local pricing.

Aside from its platform, one very important thing that the X-Class has in common with the Navara is that it will be sold just about everywhere but the United States. In its current form, it wasn’t engineered to meet safety standards here. It would also be subject to a 25 percent import tax, unless Mercedes started building it here, where it doesn’t think there’s a big enough market for a high-end small truck.

The Mercedes Benz X Class pickup

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