Mercedes-Benz GLA restyled in photo teaser


The lower part of the shield of the GLY restyled however benefits from a new drawing a priori more baroudor. We can distinguish a more powerful protection sabot as well as fog lights now relegated to the ends of the latter. In addition, the copper tinge illustrated on this teaser seems unprecedented.

As often with the restylages on the premium models, the efforts were carried on the front face with some touch-ups on the shield and, probably, on the lights. For now, we only have this first picture, but no doubt that the passenger compartment should remain virtually unchanged.

The mechanical offer, which is made up of diesels and gasoline and a 45 AMG version, will certainly be slightly updated. The answer in a few days since Mercedes will officially unveil this restylage on January 9th.

The restyled Mercedes-Benz GLA will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show, also known as the NAIAS (North American International Auto Show), which will open from January 8-22, 2017, before a commercial launch in the spring of 2017.


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