Mercedes Benz Bringing the Ludicrous G550 4×4²

Mercedes Benz Bringing the Ludicrous G550 4x4²

The 2017 Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4² goes on sale here next year, and it’s just as capable as ever. The 4×4² is actually a four-wheeled version of the insane Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 six-wheeler, which isn’t sold in the U.S. Mercedes removed the extra set of wheels, but kept the 6×6’s advanced off-road hardware.

The G550 4×4², however, is far from little. With an overall height of 7.3 feet, the G550 4×4² (read “four by four squared”) is 11.7 inches taller than a normal G-Wagen. It also has a ground clearance of 17.2 inches, an increase of 7.9 inches compared to the standard version. The boost in ride height and ground clearance comes courtesy of its military-grade portal axles that are also featured in the 6×6.

Pricing for the 4×4² has not been released, but on Mercedes’s cost chart, the model stands ominously to the right of even the $217,900, V-12 G65 AMG. We’d figure on a comfortable quarter-of -a-million dollars to buy Mercedes’ baby Unimog—steep, but not steep enough to deter anyone with the need and means to ride Stuttgart’s highest horse. In fact, that vertiginous pricing might prove downright intoxicating to the affluent adventure-seeker to whom Mercedes would love to sell.

On the interior front, the Mercedes-Benz G550 4×4 is similar to several other SUV models from the company. Unlike on the standard variant, the screen for the COMAND infotainment is now larger 8 inches. Mercedes has confirmed that the G550 4×4 will be joining the North American portfolio from next year onwards. The company, though, has not announced details about the pricing but it is expected to be in the region of the Mercedes-AMG G65. The latter commands a pricetag of around $220,000.

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