Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT R

At the end of last week came the Festival of Speed ​​Goodwood 2016. In that event were presented models and among them stood out the Mercedes-AMG GT R. The presentation of the ‘Beast of Green Hell’ featured the British driver help Formula 1, Lewis Hamilton. During the event, the British made some statements that still give the talk.

The pilot, three times winner of the world championship of Formula 1, expressed his desire to carry out a limited edition of one of Mercedes-AMG models. He even named the possible future model with the ‘LH Series’ name. It all started when asked about the Mercedes-AMG GT R, whose regulation had its share. Hamilton said the model had been designed when she saw him and could not incorporate their ideas.

The German manufacturer explains that the concept of central front engine and gearbox installed on the rear axle – a proven feature of the AMG GT and AMG GT S – benefits weight distribution tends to the rear axle at a ratio of 47.3: 52.7 .

Moers says that in addition to beautiful, the AMG GT “open” does not compromise the behavior without the suspension requires a very different setting compared to the hardtop. This AMG GT Roadster should, as with the coupe, the GT versions and GT S.

In the pipeline is also an even more powerful version of the GT R 585cv shown in the last Speed ​​Goodwood Festival. Expected to Black Series 2018, plus a GT4 AMG, a racing car below GT3.

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