Mercedes Benz AMG GT Concept

Mercedes Benz AMG GT Concept

Mercedes-Benz surprised everyone last year when it presented the Mercedes-Benz Generation EQ Concept at the last Paris Motor Show. This electric crossover advanced the lines of what will be his future line of electric vehicles. Now the German brand shows how it will be the first model of this family.

The biggest puzzle, however, appears when one reads, in what appears to be a chamber that turns the exterior mirrors, the expression “EQ Power”. In addition to the blue tone that marks the front zone, the headlights. Now, these are two characteristics of the new family … of electric vehicles of Mercedes, precisely designated by EQ!

It is said that the new car will go on sale as early as 2018, under the name GT4, and will be manufactured on the MRA platform. With this, he would repeat the example of the CLS, which had only a year of difference between the concept and the production version. Amen!

With well-rounded mudguards, the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept proposes a performance worthy of an AMG, and the bets revolve around the V8 4.0 Biturbo of the AMG GT, probably with the same 510 hp of the S version. Will appear next week.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT Concept

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