Mercedes announces the new S class

Mercedes announces the new S class

“Since the announcement in 1972, S class has always adopted the latest technology, it embodies” the best or nothing “(which is the slogan of Mercedes · Benz),” president Ueno said, but the latest Indeed, the S class is seeing a positive attitude towards adopting the latest technology such as the evolution of “intelligent drive” and the first introduction of telematics service “Mercedes me connect” using communication function It is a car that can be taken.

Germany Audi announced that it will introduce level 3 automatic driving function to the new model of “A8” competing with S class. Among premium brand manufacturers based in Germany, the trend to compete for advanced technology seems to accelerate with the technology to be installed in the flagship model.

In the new S class, elements that can be felt that the intelligence of the car is progressing are included. First of all, the evolution of ‘intelligent drive’ which is “technology leading to automatic driving” (President Ueno), but in S class, a new function called “active steering assist” is added to the preceding vehicle following mode on the original highway ing. This is a function to assist the steering operation while recognizing the guardrail etc in the lane unclear situation and maintaining the distance between the vehicle and the preceding car.

When the active steering assist is activated, it is now possible to use a new function called “active lane change assist” that can automatically change the lane by blinking the turn signal. With this function, once you turn on the blinker, if it is within 10 seconds the system continues to check whether the lane change is possible, it will automatically change lanes.

Mercedes announces the new S class

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