Mercedes AMG reveals first image of GT

Mercedes Benz AMG GT Concept

The US division of the brand did not want to wait any longer and decided to reveal, through a statement, the first draft of this model (featured image).

The image is not very clear, but lets you anticipate that this Mercedes-AMG GT Concept will be, in the production version, a true four-door version of the AMG GT coupé that we already know.

On Saturday, Mercedes-Benz showed a design of what promises to be the most violent 4-door coupe on the market. The AMG GT Concept will have the same AMG GT V8 twin-turbo engine, be called GT4 and use the MRA platform, but it will take place for at least 4 passengers. With the 585 hp AMG GT R, it would create a new market segment. As CLS did in 2004.

For the concept, however, an alternative system of motorization, possibly hybrid, is awaited. No technical details about the GT were revealed by Mercedes-AMG, but everything should appear tomorrow with the presentation in Geneva.

Mercedes Benz AMG GT Concept

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