Mercedes AMG Project One

Mercedes AMG Project One

Mercedes-AMG has just hit a major blow by unveiling some of the technical features of its future hypercar. The car will be equipped with a turbocharged 1.6-liter V6, very close to the block of its Formula 1. It will also count on four electric motors on all four wheels, and will develop more than 1000 horsepower in cumulative power.

1000 horsepower with only 1.6 liters of displacement, that seems almost impossible to obtain without harming the reliability. Even counting the power generated by electric motors.

Little information will circulate on this car by the official presentation in Frankfurt, but some teasers should remind us of its imminent appearance. In any case, we can expect high performance for this Project One, true road F1, to the weight that will not exceed the tonne.

It removes the famous “turbo lag”. The first road tests will begin with the help of Lewis Hamilton.

If the lifetime seems indeed meager, it is unlikely that the 300 owners will ever get this mileage. Also, if not, the price of the full revision – which has not been disclosed – should not be a real problem for these lucky owners, who will have paid $ 2.5 million, or nearly 2 , 35 million euros.

Mercedes AMG Project One

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