Mercedes-AMG Project One (2018)

Mercedes-AMG Project One (2018)

R as Racing, the tone is given. AMG, a Mercedes-Benz sports subsidiary, leaves no doubt as to the purpose of the new version of its GT coupe: there will be sports! This version R is at the AMG GT, what the GT3 is to the Porsche 911, a very sporty declination for gentlemen-riders.

It remains to be seen whether the 4.0l bi-turbo V8 of the house of Affalterbach will compete with the 700 hp developed by the 911 survitaminée! Synonymous with the radical version at AMG, the Black Series label should also make the GT coupe more slim by massively using lightweight materials.

Mercedes promises that the car combines “outstanding performance on circuit with F1 hybrid technology usable on a daily basis and an exemplary efficiency”. See you on September 12th at the Frankfurt Motor Show to discover Project One!

The SLS ED reminds us that electrification is about to gain ground at AMG. The company will present in a few days in Frankfurt the hypercar code name Project One, a hybrid whose mechanics comes from F1. At the rate that the teasers go, it may be that we get a glimpse of it in two days!

Mercedes-AMG Project One (2018)

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