Mercedes AMG Project One

Mercedes AMG Project One

The star brand promises 1000 hp at 11,000 rpm and a top speed of 350 km / h. This is remarkable and equivalent to the promises made by the future Aston Martin Valkyrie, developed jointly with Red Bull. But it is worse than the figures put forward by the Bugatti Chiron (1500 hp and over 420 km / h).

The manufacturer offers us today a first face image of this hypercar with its cockpit well sheltered under a round bubble, while the nose dips down to the ground, simply marked by the presence of optics on the flanks.

But to take full advantage of this very limited series to more than two million euros, it will be better to go on circuit to exploit its aerodynamics and suspensions, also inspired by F1.

On the look side, the Project ONE also promises to be spectacular thanks to a very picked pace and associated with elements that flourish the competition like the scoop on the roof. The offspring of the CLK GTR thus appears to be assured on all levels. Meet in less than two weeks to discover the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Mercedes AMG Project One

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