Mercedes AMG GT Roadster is confirmed for 2017

Mercedes AMG GT Roadster is confirmed for 2017

With the arrival of the “R” version, the line of Mercedes-AMG GT now has three models. However, according to the head of the sports division of the German automaker, Tobias Moers, the range of the supercar will also feature two more variants, including a convertible. The setting “homeless” the bolide will reach the market in 2017, and his first appearance is scheduled for later this year.

“The convertible moved beyond the drawing board,” he said. “It will be the next model AMG GT to arrive.” Apparently, the AMG GT Roadster prototypes are already being tested under heavy camouflage.

“The convertible has passed the stage of sketches: will the next AMG GT to reach the markets,” said Moers who was not concerned that the convertible top of the range version meddling in SL’s business performance as sees this as a grand tourer while the Roadster future will be an “absolute sports.”

Modify the AMG GT to the Roadster version does not dramatically affect driving as it will continue to be a “sporty high-performance” according to the official, and in terms of chassis adjustment, the changes should not be too significant.

Mercedes AMG GT Roadster is confirmed for 2017 1

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