Mercedes AMG GT R from the Green Hell!

Mercedes AMG GT R from the Green Hell!

Are 585 horsepower and 318 km / h, ie, does not hide his inspiration in the competition. This is how the new Mercedes AMG GTR, a super-machine developed on the Nurburgring track, or the “green hell” as it is known. Translating all this, the new GTR AMG derives from the most demanding car track in the world for the road. It was there that the German technicians were inspired to develop so that this compendium of technology on four wheels has a name and a lineage: AMG.

The AMG gt r yet received a series of carbon fiber items such as a fin in the lower part of the body that automatically moves down at speeds above 80 km / h in Race mode, creating a “barrier” of up to 4 cm , improving air circulation. The brakes are ventilated discs and perforated steel, 390 mm front and 360 mm behind or carbon-ceramic 406 mm and 360 mm as an option.

In the visual, there grid AMG Panamericana with vertical fins, wider air intakes, front spoiler, side skirts, new rear wing carbon fiber, 19-inch forged aluminum wheels in front and 20 inches in the rear (with Michelin Pilot tires Sport Cup 2), carbon fiber fenders expanded at 4.5 cm, among others.

The central front engine concept and gearbox installed on the rear axle, a proven feature of the AMG GT and AMG GT S, benefits weight distribution tends to the rear axle at a ratio of 47.3: 52.7. Together with the low center of gravity of the vehicle, this results in an extremely fast behavior and allows the realization of high-speed cornering. With a weight / power ratio of 2.66 kg per horsepower, the Mercedes-AMG GT R wins first place in its segment.

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