The Mercedes-AMG GT R The cast of Transformers 5

The Mercedes-AMG GT R The cast of Transformers 5

Gradually, Michael Bay presents the protagonists of his next film, “Transformers: The Last Knight”. Expected in June 2017, this fifth installment of the Transformers saga will play including Anthony Hopkins or Mark Wahlberg. But as important as men, robots are also the focus of attention. Was able to discover his last weeks the new face of the hero Bumblebee, in the guise of a Chevrolet Camaro slightly modified, or Barricade embodied by a Ford Mustang ultra-aggressive police. Place now to Drift!

It is already established that the Chevrolet Camaro Bumblebee, one of the heroes “Autobots”, will be entitled to a new face, and Barricade, one of the villains’ & nbsp; Decepticons & nbsp; “will turn into a Ford Mustang. Michael Bay, director of the 5th episode, continued that momentum by announcing that Drift, the samurai robot, can be divided into Mercedes-AMG GT R in the next film. What to salivate over a lover of the Teutonic brand, although the latest model presented by the firm at the star will be only new exterior body marrying a red tint in black paint. A bit unfortunate …

With four films now, you begin to know the habits of the Transformers license, including his desire to introduce new robots, or failing to revamp the opus opus history to sell more toys.

For the fifth film of the saga, Transformers thus offers the care of Mercedes, who entrusts AMG GT-R Drift, the Transformer samurai, still, there is little, a Bugatti.

The Mercedes-AMG GT R The cast of Transformers 5

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