Mercedes-AMG E63 S 2017


The release of BMW’s new M5 will provide very interesting competition but, for now, we’ll say the Mercedes-AMG E63 S is arguably the most sophisticated and capable super-saloon currently on sale.

Mercedes-Benz Australia hasn’t fixed a price for the E63, but says it is hoping to get it near the $250,000 mark of the current car which would be some achievement given the new hardware and the resultant increases in brute performance, drivability and driver interface and safety systems.

First, track-only Race mode must be selected. Then the electronic stability control must be deactivated and the transmission set to manual gear selection. Only then can the paddleshifts be used to activate the mode.

Mercedes-AMG is obviously keen to avoid being the target of another media frenzy. But, realistically, how many drivers who can afford a $250,000 car are likely be an inexperienced, immature danger to other road users?


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