McLaren Teases New Hybrid Hypercar

McLaren Teases New Hybrid Hypercar

Back when the F1 was new, Japanese television show Best Motoring got their hands on a silver example to put through its paces and find out if it was all that great. With a center seating position, a 627-horsepower 6.1-liter V12, a slick six-speed manual transmission, and a top speed of 242 mph, we have a hard time believing the F1 could be anything other than perfect.

The “revolutionary three-seat configuration” McLaren mentions comes from their F1 vehicle, first introduced in 1992. The codename of “BP23” stands for Bespoke Project, 2 from the fact that this is McLaren’s second bespoke project, and 3 from the three-seat configuration.

Production of the McLaren Hyper-GT will be limited to 106 units globally, the same volume as the McLaren F1. BP23 owners will work alongside MSO to select colours, trim materials and other points of personalisation unique to them.

“When we did finally announce it, we were absolutely inundated with applications. I had to find polite ways to say, “No,'” Flewitt said.

Customers had to deposit a five-figure sum and had to have a history buying McLarens.’McLaren Teases New Hybrid Hypercar

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