McLaren Super Series to compete with P1 in braking

McLaren Super Series to compete with P1 in braking

The second generation of the McLaren Super Series, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on March 7, will be equipped with a performance brake that is virtually identical to that offered by the McLaren P1.

This braking system is considerably lighter than the 650S, including ceramic carbon discs as well as a pedal for increased sensitivity, allowing this new McLaren Super Series to deliver top performance whatever The braking conditions.

To accompany the last teaser represented by a photo of the carbon disc in the front, Woking announces opposite performances. The McLaren 720S will only take 4.6 seconds to go from 200 km / h to full stop. That is a distance of 117 meters, shorter by 6 meters compared to the 650S and almost similar to that of the McLaren P1.

The McLaren 720S will be unveiled on 7th March 2017 at the Geneva Motor Show and will be on display from 9th to 19th. Launch at the end of the summer at around 270,000 euros, to hunt the new Ferrari 812 Superfast and Lamborghini Aventador S.

Normal, sport and track driving modes will be available with the Proactive Chassis Control II, which is equipped with sensors that adapt the car’s behavior to the design of the road. It also includes the “Variable Drift Control” allowing rules ESC via the infotainment touch screen.

McLaren Super Series to compete with P1 in braking

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