McLaren F1 put up for sale

McLaren F1 put up for sale

As the low-mileage might suggest, this particular McLaren F1 is in showroom condition and is being sold by McLaren Special Operations’ Heritage Division. It is one of the last McLaren F1s ever built, and according to the British automaker, this chassis #69 was the 60th F1 built in Woking, near the end of the vehicle’s production run in 1998. It looks stunning, painted in Carbon Black with matching 17″ magnesium wheels.

Below you’ll see a gallery of photo captured of this vehicle – this unique model specifically. According to McLaren, this is one of six examples of this vehicle completed. They also suggest that this is the 60th model to be hand-built in Woking, England – for what it’s worth.

The McLaren F1 was the first road car to feature a full carbon fibre chassis, and with a central driving position, engine bay lined with gold and famed McLaren obsession for technical excellence, is considered a true modern-day automotive icon.

As for price, well McLaren never mentioned that in the press release but as a guide, a McLaren F1 owned and wrecked by television star, Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean, Blackadder), sold for NZ$17 million in 2015. Atkinson had wrecked it four years earlier, ripping the engine out of it in the crash and the NZ$1.97m repair bill is said to be Britain’s largest single car insurance payout.

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