McLaren 720S This is it

McLaren 720S This is it

But we are spoiled, as they say. It has been known for a while that McLaren is working on a successor to the 650S, baptized, apparently, 720S. However, a photo of the car in question leaked on social networks, more specifically on Instagram.

The photo, which you see on the cover, seems to come from a VIP party where a band of privileged people could see the car before everyone else.

The one known internally as P14 appears to be confirmed as McLaren 720S. This obviously implies that it develops 720 horsepower. This is the very first model of the new McLaren plan that includes 15 sports news by 2022 (Track 22). And it’s up to the Super Series to be renewed first, in order to succeed the 650S.

Several elements have already been communicated to us by McLaren according to the publication of teasers photos. A first image of the skeleton of the McLaren 720S, a carbon cell called Monocage II, more rigid and lighter, with 1283 kilos announced on the scale. A second image allowed us to discover the aerodynamics of the model, especially with this active wing over the entire rear width.

McLaren 720S This is it

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