The McLaren 720S is almost ready

The McLaren 720S is almost ready

A new photo breaks the teasing undertaken by McLaren, started a few days ago via its new carbon fiber monocoque “MonoCell II” or its movable rear spoiler. This shot, probably taken during a private presentation to new customers and / or dealers, reveals the first model of the second generation of the “Super Series” of the British brand, which would be the “720S”.

Confirmation, the lines play more finesse in its curves than on the current 650S and 675LT it will replace, with a more prominent muzzle, broad hips and very thin diode optics.

Competition? These are neither more nor months than the F12, Aventador S and other monsters of the roads that are in the line of sight.

Thus, we already know that the car will have a carbon cell called “Monocage II”, logically stiffer and lighter, since the car will weigh only 1283 kilos, or this active wing that stretches over The entire rear width.

The McLaren 720S is almost ready

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