McLaren 570S Sprint £148,000

McLaren 570S Sprint £148,000 1

The McLaren 570S Sprint is to the 570S Coupe what the P1 GTR is to the P1 hypercar, in that it has been revised heavily to make it better on track – at the expense of being allowed on the road.

Race-specific revisions include a more aggressive front splitter and a high temperature radiator, both of which are inherited from its GT4 cousin. Meanwhile front dive plates and a carbon fibre fixed rear wing provide extra downforce – more than any other car in the Sports Series range, in fact.

The team in Woking has installed a new radiator behind a reshaped front bumper. The front splitter and underbody are borrowed from the 570S GT4, and there’s a giant rear wing made of carbon fiber to give it more downforce than any other model in the series. Naturally the cockpit is all stripped out, and fitted with an FIA-spec roll cage, racing bucket with six-point harness, and a fire extinguisher. The suspension carries over from the road-going model, but comes mounted here to center-locking mags wearing Pirelli slicks. Though it didn’t provide any concrete details, the manufacturer says that “power and torque levels have been optimised to ensure the ultimate levels of driver engagement and the best levels of noise.” You can get an idea about the latter in the short video clip below.

However, don’t think that you’ll be able to enter any race series with the Sprint, because according to McLaren, it’s not “homologated for any race series.” You can upgrade it further with a GT4 compliance pack, which will give the Sprint all the items needs for it to meet the FIA GT4 standards. So there’s that.

McLaren hasn’t released any power figures yet, but expect Sprint pricing to start at £148,000, or around $218,000 in U.S dollars. You can catch its debut at the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed.

McLaren 570S Sprint £148,000

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