Mazda Vision Coupe Kodo 2.0

Mazda Vision coupé Kodo 2.0

There would be almost passion and Italian madness on this concept, that one would not even be surprised to see the name Zagato somewhere in the presentation of this very nice achievement. Still, it is not so, this Vision Coupe concept is 100% Japanese and comes from Mazda design studios.

Without singer anyone, this constructor among the smallest of Japan shows that a successful style is not a question of size. At a time when design is one of the main criteria for buying a car, Mazda is once again finding a way to stand out and stand out.

The consumption of this four-cylinder 2.0 fuel unleaded would be very similar to that of a diesel engine, and a first test, to be found in the issue 858 of L’Automobile Magazine, was quite promising.

Without indicating if this concept is equipped with a piston engine (s) rotary (s), Mazda explains that it pays particular tribute to the 1969 R130 thus motorized. When will a new Mazda coupe be introduced? According to rumors, a new RX is in preparation for the 100 years of Mazda in 2020.

Mazda Vision coupé Kodo 2.0

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