Mazda Unveils Its New Electronic Chassis System

Mazda Unveils Its New Electronic Chassis System

The Japanese automaker known for its sharp handling cars will employ the new technology, called G-Vectoring Control, to make its models more comfortable on long distance trips. The first model to feature the tech will be released later this year.

Mazda’s officials describe the technology as an “electronic chassis assist system,” but it works through slightly limiting engine torque.

In related news, Japolanik said that the new GVC system is driver-friendly for it provides easy steering and navigation. By altering the torque output, it reduces lateral acceleration, driver steering input and ultimately less fatigue in driving.

An engineer from Mazda said that optimizing vehicles will affect the needs of customers who want a sportier chassis tuning. But providing them with a more relaxed and more driving experience will provide less driver fatigue.

The Mazda engineer added that what makes their vehicle is the already fun to drive and nimble attitude the Mazda provides.

Additionally, the vehicle’s driving position will focus on allowing a comfortable range of movement, along with pedal locations that Mazda engineers claim are ‘ideal’.

News of Mazda’s new comfort-focussed philosophy follows French car maker Citroen unveiling its C4 Cactus-based Advanced Comfort concept this week.

Citroen’s technology features an all-new hydraulic suspension system, structural improvements and bed-inspired seats, claimed to offer a ‘flying carpet’ ride.

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