Mazda MX-5 scores top safety

Mazda MX-5 scores top safety

CEO of ANCAP, James Goodwin, says the popular roadster offering performed well in crash testing.

“The ever-popular sports car impressed in local testing achieving a good result for this type of vehicle,”

“Roadsters present a design challenge for manufacturers in ensuring equivalent levels of occupant protection to conventional cars.”

“Their structures obviously differ so additional engineering elements are needed in order to provide the same levels of structural safety,”

However, Goodwin also highlighted the MX-5’s lack of safety aids — the very reason it scored four stars in Europe.

“Autonomous emergency braking, active lane support and speed assistance systems are lacking,” he said.

“As a newly designed model – one that is likely to remain in the market for some time – it is concerning to see these important safety technologies have been overlooked.”

Mazda MX-5 scores top safety

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