Mazda Launches MX-5 Miata Restoration

Mazda Launches MX-5 Miata Restoration

Time waits for no one, and even the best cared-for car will begin to show signs of age over the years. The first-generation Mazda MX-5 Miata – known as the NA generation – is now 28 years old, but Mazda says that owners refuse to give up their cars. The natural result? The Japanese automaker is starting a restoration service for the car.

But if the new parts program doesn’t go far enough for owners, Mazda also announced a new service that will make NA Miatas as good as new. If you spring for this option, Mazda will completely restore your beloved car in a facility that’s been certified by an outside group for its ability to do high-quality work. And once you get it back, it’ll drive like it just rolled off the assembly line.

In addition to restoration services, Mazda is also working with suppliers of the original parts to offer brand new parts made to their exact original specifications. For starters, they’ll be offering the original Bridgestone SF-325 tires, soft tops, and Nardi steering wheels and shift knobs.

For now, the program is for NA-generation Miatas built from 1989-1997 only. Sorry, NB owners. Pricing also hasn’t been announced as of yet. There’s no word on whether Mazda will expand the program to this side of the pond, so we can only hope. Either way, it’s good news for Miata fans.

Mazda Launches MX-5 Miata Restoration

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