Mazda confirms EV


Other manufacturers, such as Honda with NSX, have gone for the performance hybrid model, so the question remains, would a pure rotary engine sports car be the only way forward or will an electrified model be acceptable?

As for how soon we will see a range of new V6 engines with higher capacity from Mazda? That remains to be seen, with Fujiwara admitting that the company only recently came out of financial debt and that “now again we are standing on the starting point, so we have go save the money to invest”.

Indeed, when asked by whether that meant Mazda would seek to develop such engines and whether that meant a return to six-cylinder in Mazdas like the CX-9, Fujiwara intimated yes, with the qualifier; “budget permitting”.

The glimmer of hope is the fact the high-tech and unique rotary range-extended EVs can play a role as an environmental halo car for the brand.


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