Mazda confirms electric car plans for 2019


The move to electric cars comes over a year after Mazda announced a technical partnership with Toyota. However, Fujiwara said that the new EV is being developed in-house rather than taking Toyota’s existing technology. But he didn’t rule out the two Japanese rivals sharing some of the elements to try and keep costs low.

Fujiwara confirmed that a partnership with Toyota to develop the model is a possibility but failed to say what form Mazda’s first EV could take or if it will simply be a variant of an existing model.

As two of the last major automakers not producing all-electric vehicles, it would make sense for Mazda and Toyota to team up in order to accelerate their programs and catch up with those that are now at their second or third generation of EVs, like Tesla, Nissan, BMW or GM.

Senior Mazda Australia officials have made it clear previously that only a change in government policy that allowed EV owners to claim concessions or tax breaks would make electric vehicles viable for Australian roads.


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