An integral part of the SKYACTIV series, the SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS technologies provide an integrated control of the engine, gearbox, chassis and bodywork to increase the Jinba-ittai sensation of the vehicle: a sense of connection between the Car and the driver distinguishes the Mazda vehicles of other vehicles.

The first technology in the SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS series, vector control G force, comes from the philosophy of development centered on the human factor of Mazda and the innovative idea to use the engine to increase the performance of the chassis. This is the first control system in the world to vary the engine torque in response to the direction data to provide integrated control of longitudinal and lateral acceleration forces and optimize the vertical load on each wheel to ensure a shift * regular and efficient vehicle.

Even finding at the cabin, where the spirit and style of Phase I were flying conservés.Le has been retouched, poster showing the central combined rpm was simplified, the central vents lose opening and closing wheels, the display ignores its way brushed aluminum frame, etc.

The Japanese manufacturer also revised diesel engines in the compact with a revised control overeating, and adding a knock reduction device to reduce vibration in three disturbing frequency ranges. An attenuator of its natural will reduce the engine noise. To test….

Inside, the Mazda in March 2017 gets a new steering wheel and a new version of the HUD.


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