Mazda announces restoration first Roadster

Mazda announces the restoration of the first Roadster

Mazda announced on April 4 the start of a restore service for the first “Roadster” (NA type). This service consists of restore business and parts re-supply, the restore business will be accepted within 2017 and will start service from the beginning of 2018. Parts re-supply will start from the beginning of 2018.

Masuda Product Headquarters Roadster Ambassador ‘s Yamamoto Osuhiro (Yamamoto Nobuhiro) explained about the history of the rotary engine which appeared at the press conference and overcoming various difficulties. “Development for practical application of rotary engines for the first time was a fight that Mazda survived in the reorganization of automobile manufacturers in the 1960s and the crisis of the withdrawal of rotary engines by oil shocks is analogous to the legend of the phoenix “Phoenix project”, in which the technicians have fought “

Although these were major events related to the company ‘s business, aspirations that Toyo Industries’ founder, Mazda’ s predecessor, who wants to contribute to the world through the technology of manufacturing, “had, and in Mazda where there is Mazda, promoted recovery after the war in Hiroshima I was able to overcome the challenging spirit of confronting people’s difficulties and the strong sense of mission of engineers who slogan “things that were hit by technology with technology”.

Reception service of the NA Roadster is scheduled to be accepted within 2017, scheduled to start service from the beginning of 2018 and release the above reprinted parts. More information will be posted from time to time on the special page of the official website. I also have pictures of the superb restore process, so I’d like to see it.

Mazda announces the restoration of the first Roadster

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