The Mazda 3 already in development

The Mazda 3 already in development

This new Mazda 3 inaugurates the G-Vectoring Control technology (GVC), capable of providing engine control, transmission, chassis and body structure to increase driving pleasure. CAG system varies the engine’s torque to optimize the load on each wheel, ensuring greater precision and enhanced driving comfort.

Acting on the engine torque, the G-Vectoring promises to make more fluid and less tiring driving by decreasing the strength G. In fact, it limits the corrections at the wheel and makes smoother ride, which will be especially sensitive by the strongest drivers with management.

On board, the changes are not legion. The “3” takes advantage of a new steering wheel and improved version of the HUD “Active Driving Display”. And equipment side, it gets adaptive LED lighting (ALH) and a new help system Intelligent Brake urban fashion (SCBS), now has a front camera,

Specifically, this innovation is software that – combined with a series of sensors – detect interactions with management. It can thus limiting the torque sent to the wheels at the right time and better control the strength G. Thus, this software manages to reproduce what a professional driver to succeed in cornering. Understand is that the CVM is able to use 100% of adhesion while minimizing the roll and pitch of the frame.

Already available in Japan and Canada, it should land by the end of the year in Europe for a price approaching that of the old version, available from € 20,700 and directly competing with Peugeot 308.

The Mazda 3 already in development 1

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